Wednesday, 19 June 2019

This tentative schedule is to meet once for 50 minutes to discuss how coaching can benefit you in achieving your goals and to determine if we can work well together. The purpose of this call is to introduce ourselves and determine if we will enter into a coaching agreement. This is your option to schedule a private session with Sybil.


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Once a signed coaching agreement exists, clients may schedule their 3 sessions per month, directly here.

The retainer fee is €350 per month, paid in advance and the duration of the initial coaching agreement is generally between 3-6 months.


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Private Weekend with Coach Sybil
Clients have the additional option to schedule a personal “Deep Dive” session with Coach Sybil.
This includes a character strengths self-assessment, a 30 minute webcam coaching session, some written fieldwork and the 50 minute follow-up session where you can create your own personal Achieve Your Best Life(TM) action plan. This is based on her 7 Steps to Your Best Life(TM) approach, which will be provided during the Deep Dive.
The fee for this personal Deep Dive is €499.00


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Based on her experience as a global lead auditor, Coach Sybil has developed a useful method for applying best practices in seven life areas at the individual level, called Achieve Your Best Life™. Schedule your initial free session now.


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