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Got the right balance between money, time, work and family? Read this.

Life Matters

Recovery from Trauma: Good Read

Recovery from Abuse: An Elf's Journey


Career / Business Development

7 Habits

nathan chan podcast

Start Your Business

Foundr Podcast

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Crowdfunding and option? Find out more here: INDIEGOGO

Dave Ramsey

Money / Wealth Building

Financial Peace University

Podcasts Link: Take Control of Your Money

Free online budgeting tool: EveryDollar


Personal Development

Beautiful Writers Podcast by Linda Sivertsen

How to write and market your book: Podcast


Physical Fitness / Nutrition


All carbs no health? Grain Brain - a must read!

Great read: The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Book


Emotional Well-being

How to get from A to Z

Highly sensitive person? Here is more


Personal Development

Ready to achieve your goals? Try this: Podcast

Do you know where you are in your change journey? After completing your life wheel with Coach Sybil, you may identify life areas where you are ready to make significant improvements. In addition to the agenda you bring to each coaching session, Coach Sybil has collected links to some of the resources most often requested.

Depending on which step you are on in your change journey, acquiring targeted tools, knowledge and new skills can support your development most effectively. Coach Sybil suggests or works directly with alliance partners and experts in various industries and professions to support you.

Depending on which area within the Achieve Your Best Life categories you have chosen to work on as a current coaching focus area, the wisdom of additional experts may be useful and can be incorporated into coaching sessions.


Based on her experience as a global lead auditor, Coach Sybil has developed a useful method for applying best practices in seven life areas at the individual level, called Achieve Your Best Life™. Schedule your initial free session now.


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