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In this section you will find interviews, articles and podcasts created by Coach Sybil.


Coach Sybil regularly conducts interviews with medical and individual experts on topics such as ADHD, recovery from addictions, burn out and recovery from mental disorders. Interviews are presented either as articles or podcasts and are with with experts including medical and legal professionals, coaches, professional organizers, clinic directors as well as leading professors and researchers within the fields of ADD/ADHD. 

In some cases interviews have been anonymized to protect the anonymity of people who are living successful lives in spite of, or maybe because of interesting differences such as ADHD, ADD or recorery from addictions.

Coach Sybil's podcast series includes insight on best practices used today for people with executive function weaknesses in the areas of time management, organization, planning, stress management, short-term working memory, impulse control or other related conditions such as addictions and burn-out.


Coach Sybil invites medical and individual experts to share their expertise on topics ranging from ADHD, ADD, comorbidity, advances in research on ADHD and burn-out.

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Speaking Events

Coach Sybil is regularly invited to discuss executive coaching before medical professionals, in forums, at weekend workshops and individually. Speaking events are listed in the speaking events section of this website.

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eBook Series

For people with ADHD reading long books can be very challenging. Coach Sybil has designed an eBook series with best interviews to share in-depth overviews of best practices described by people who have overcome their difficulties. Proceeds from the eBooks are donated to support Coach Sybil's scholarship program. 


Based on her experience as a global lead auditor, Coach Sybil has developed a useful method for applying best practices in seven life areas at the individual level, called Achieve Your Best Life™. Schedule your initial free session now.


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