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Professional Experience

Sybil is the founder and Managing Director of Sycheck Systems, a consulting, auditing and coaching company based in Hofheim, Germany. She is a certified Appreciative Inquiry faciliator and lead auditor in many global quality and security standards. She is also an ADDCA AAC Coach and her mission is to help individuals, companies and non-profits to improve.

Sybil has worked as a Quality Director, head of global security audit and as a VP Quality and CISO at consulting, telecoms and software companies. As of 2018 she has created and facilitated a working group which has written the first global appreciative integrated management system standard for social and non-profit organizations. 


Prior to her starting Sycheck in 2006, Sybil graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in economics and political science and worked in New York as a financial analyst at Swiss Bank Corp. Investment Banking, Inc. She continued learning at Columbia University, New York University, Pace, NYU and the New York Institute of Finance. In 1990 she moved to the area near Frankfurt, Germany, where she lives today with her family.

Professional Activity

As an expert in executive coaching, Sybil has been a featured speaker at doctors’ forums, at professional associations' events and international conferences. Coach Sybil is dedicated to coaching executives across industries and leads writer's retreats in Hofheim and the Azores. She helps clients to implement certifiable management systems and works individually with start-up entrepreneurs of all ages. She helps clients rapidly improve their personal and professional performance based on Appreciative Inquiry. Clients appreciate her experience in helping them to align strengths and values with key life areas such as family, physical health, relationships and careers.

Coaching Experience

Currently Coach Sybil supports executives for for-profit and not for profit organizations to achieve their mission based on years of consulting, auditing and training based on the management system her working group has written. 

Coaching Philosophy

One of Coach Sybil's unique approaches to helping people improve is by applying international best practices at the personal level. In doing this, she helps clients to identify values and focus on key strengths while co-creating their future. Coach Sybil brings substantial industry experience (banking, IT and telecommunications) giving her a unique perspective when accomanying change journeys. She believes strongly that each person's potential can be unlocked within the coaching alliance.  



Based on her experience as a global lead auditor, Coach Sybil has developed a useful method for applying best practices in seven life areas at the individual level, called Achieve Your Best Life™. Schedule your initial free session now.


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