Sunday, 15 December 2019

Sybil is a certified Flourishing Leadership Institute Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator. We work with global companies to facilitate rapid, strengths-based, whole system change through Appreciative Inquiry (AI) summits (large or small groups). 

We co-create, manage and design the entire event from start to finish with our clients. This includes pre-event planning, event design, facilitation, production, and post-event implementation consulting.

We create purposful engagement with leaders who need to bring new methods of collaboration and innovation into their organizations. The AI approach allows a community of people to most quickly, naturally and fully come alive by tapping into the intelligence of teams. By design, a valuable byproduct is deep engagement that brings the organization to life where every person has a hand in the co-creation of the company or organization's vision, misision, strategy, goals and even measures. 


Based on her experience as a global lead auditor, Coach Sybil has developed a useful method for applying best practices in seven life areas at the individual level, called Achieve Your Best Life™. Schedule your initial free session now.


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